HIPI - Hadoop Image Processing Framework


HIPI is an open-source project maintained by a group of dedicated researchers and developers. Please help us make HIPI better by forking the official HIPI repository, fixing bugs, adding new features, creating more example programs, etc., creating unit tests to verify the accuracy of your new code, and issuing a pull request.

Bugs and Feature Requests

We use GitHub's issue tracker to keep up with bugs and feature requests. If you're unsure whether or not you've found a new bug please first post a question to the HIPI Users Group.

Code Style

Any code contributed to the HIPI distribution must follow Google's Java Style Guide. Any pull requests that don't adhere to this guide will be rejected.

Unit Tests

The HIPI distribution includes extensive unit tests both for the core library along with the accompanying tools and example programs. Any new feature or bug fix must be accompanied by a comprehensive set of unit tests. You can run HIPI's suite of unit tests by executing the following Gradle command in the HIPI root directory:
$> gradle core:test
And you can run the unit tests for the tools with the command:
$> gradle tools:testSuite:test